Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Kitty With the Atom Brain!!!

Just wanted to let everyone who watched the Ollie Cam last week know that the world's sweetest pussycat is home from the hospital and happy as the proverbial bi-valve.

Also, thank you all for the kind wishes for the little guy. He came through the radiation therapy with flying colors.

Still, there's something about him that seems....different. I think it's those eyes.



Anonymous said...

he also has a serious case of bedhead


dave™© said...

I smell movie deal!

Anonymous said...

I smell movie deal!

No - I think that's just the cat box

Ms. Rosa said...

Calling Roger Corman!

Anonymous said...

"...I think it's those eyes."

Well, that and the fact that he's now able to zap mice from 12 feet away.

Libby Spencer said...

Yeah! Happy to hear the little guy is home and in good health again.

cosmic tumbler said...

Cat needs shades.