Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shoes on Internet Radio Tonight

Gentlemen, start your computers.

Oh, wait. If you're here, that means you already did.

Just wanted to give you all a heads-up that tonight at 9 CST, Shoe John Murphy (and possibly his bandmates, though I don't have confirmation on that) will be appearing on the blogtalkradio show Dirty Dan and Mongo Man.

Oh, I see in the notes here they mention a certain tome which is poised to be launched into the world. Ulp!

Dirty Dan is the former lead singer for the quintessential Chicago party band The Boyzz from Illinois (Illinoizz?), and it looks like this will be a good talk. Looks like their shows are generally available as free iTunes downloads, too.

Feel free to call with your questions: 347-945-5105.

(h/t to friend of PowerPop and longtime Shoes supporter Chuck Fieldman)

(Comic notes from blogland: I thought, "I need a picture of John Murphy" and started surfing the internet. Did that for maybe five minutes before I realized that I, personally, probably have the largest, most organized set of Shoes pictures/graphics in existence. Oops.)


steve simels said...

A book about Shoes?

Who knew?????

Mike said...

The Too Wild To Tame Boyzz?? Wow.

NYMary said...

Mike, the very same. Dirty Dan is Dan Buck. If you look in iTunes (I got there through the link), you'll see that this weekly radio show about Chicago music has been going on a good long while.

Looking forward to tonight.