Friday, February 21, 2014

I Think We All Know the Feeling

Went to see Bryan Cranston as Lyndon Johnson on Broadway last night -- great show, and highly recommended if only for Michael McKean's unbelievably creepy performance as J. Edgar Hoover -- but it ran much longer than I expected, I got home late, and completely forgot that I had nothing to post for Friday.

In that spirit, then, enjoy one last little bit by the late great Maggie Estep.

Regular and better planned posting will resume on Monday.


Anonymous said...


steve simels said...

She was a trip, wasn't she.

I just got a copy of one of her mystery novels -- if they're have as funny and outrageous as her live performances, I can't wait.

steve simels said...

"Half" as funny. Not "have."

I regret the error.