Thursday, February 13, 2014

Joni of the Cows


In August of 1966, Joni Mitchell recorded several songs for a Canadian television series called Mon Pays, Mes Chansons. After the music was recorded in the studio (with David Rea backing her on the second guitar), Mitchell was filmed lip-syncing in color against the mind-boggling natural beauty of Canada, the show being a part of a musical salute to the Canadian Centennial of Confederation.

This isn’t the earliest TV footage that exists of Joni Mitchell, but it’s surely the earliest footage of her performing that’s in color.

I know some people simply can't abide Mitchell, but I'm a fan. The clip, however, notwithstanding its historical value, is kind of unintentionally funny.


Brooklyn Girl said...

Count me among those who can't stand her. But I can't stand most "oh, I'm so significant" female singers from that period --- St. Marie, Muldaur, and worst of all, Baez.

FD13NYC said...

Yes, certainly a weird video. I'm a fan also. Her early albums were kind of brilliant. Hey BG, check out her album Blue, might change your mind.

Gummo said...

I was a big fan up through Court & Spark.

She lost me when she went jazzy.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the footage was shot at Woodstock.

Allan R.

FD13NYC said...

Me too Gummo!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks -- plein air Joni, French VOs and happy Canadian cows, is practically SCTV! xo

PS: Reminds me of the NY Mag competition where you omitted one letter to change a quote, during the American Family contretemps:

"I've looked at Louds from both sides now...."

MJConroy said...

I want to like Joni Mitchell. I try. But it seems that every time I listen to her, after about 5 minutes something about her voice starts to really get on my nerves. It is very odd, actually.