Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Closed for Monkey Business

Regular -- by which I mean happy and peppy and bursting with love -- postings resume on the morrow.


Anonymous said...

Since the floor is open, so to speak, I was wondering whether you, or any of the other regular posters, saw the recently released documentary called ALL THINGS MUST PASS: THE RISE & FALL OF TOWER RECORDS (about the music retail chain which started in Sacramento, California and, at its peak, had stores all over the world). It was put together by Colin Hanks (Tom's son). I'd highly recommend it. Incidentally, your favorite living saint Dave Grohl is in it, and, without giving too much away here, there are sequences in the film with Elton John and (surprise) John Lennon that just blew me away. If you missed it in the theater, it comes out on DVD on Jan. 19.

J. Lag

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

Saw it in Manhattan, not too far from the location of the Village store. Loved it. I miss Tower --- it was a fantastic way to be exposed to new music, and a great social experience (well, except for going up to the register and having the clerk raise an eyebrow over my choices).