Friday, January 08, 2016

Your Friday Moment of Words Fail Me: Special The Only True Sin in Rock is to Be Ahead of Your Time Edition

From 1976 and his quite wonderful Cardiff Rose LP (produced by Mick Ronson) please enjoy Roger McGuinn and friends as they basically invent...The Clash.

I should add, just to increase the Oh Wow! factor here, that the song was co-written by Kris Kristofferson and Bobby Neuwirth. I'm pretty sure I wrote about this at some point seven or eight years ago, when both the world and this blog were young, but I had completely forgotten about it until the other day, when the incomparable Willard's Wormholes posted the entire album at his website. A tip of the PowerPop hat obviously.


Billy B said...

That sounds exactly like The Clash, Stevie. Missed this one when it came out way back when. I remembered that Ronno played with Dylan on the Rolling Thunder deal, but didn't know McGuinn did also. Cool.

Always loved Ronson. Influenced by the master, Jeffie Beck.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Yes. Mick Ronson is the producer.

Anonymous said...

The Rolling Thunder Revue was a rockin' little combo. Sounds like they all had a hand in this. Musta been fun. Much better than the Spooky Lady's Sideshow version. De puta madre!


Anonymous said...

Wait, this isn't the Clash? Whoa.

Ken Jones ScientiaMobile said...

Scratching head. You are joking me. That is the Clash. It has to be.

Anonymous said...

McGuinn was kinda like a Forrest Gump of folk-rock music, wasn't he? From NY and S&G to the Byrds and this record, to Petty and all, he seems to really need to be recognized even more so than even he is credited for.


buzzbabyjesus said...

The version of Dylan's "Up To Me", a song left off "Blood On The Tracks" is the real high point of this album.

steve simels said...

Yes, it is. One of my favorite Dylan covers ever. Totally rocks.

Anonymous said...

Been down so long it looks like UP TO ME.

Bobby pulled through, Richard died.

Best McGuinn album ever. This and the debut are kinda necessary.

Left off BOT because of its wildly similar structure to Shelter From the Storm, I'm guessing.

As far as I know, Dylan's never played it live. Just the BOT sessions.

VR - diggin' El Nino swells at HB. Drinking Rye Witches with our fellow stregas in a new fullsuit that I got for Christmas. It's all fuckin' good.