Thursday, June 16, 2016

And Speaking of the Unreleased Beatles Solo Albums...

...I'd forgotten how hilarious these are.

From EMI's press release:

"Mainly inspired by John, who happened to be on acid while watching the Paris students riots in the summer of '68, this collection was recorded on one night between dusk and dawn, in a "very collective" session (John speaking). Its release was blocked by Yoko Ono, who, being a Jap, doesn't like Chinks."

Love Mao Do
(Won't You) Please Police Me
The Long and Winding Capitalist Roaders
Happiness Proceeds Out of the Barrel of a Warm Gun
Rice Paddies Forever
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party, So I'll Criticize Myself
Paperback Tiger

EMI again:

"Not to be outdone by his colleagues, Paul sought to make a statement about his musical roots. The result was Paul McCartney and Friend, a lavish, saccharine overorchestrated Nelson Riddle production. McCartney blocked release of the LP when Sinatra dedicated "That's Why the Lady is a Tramp" to his wife Linda."

I Did It My Way
Theme from The Man With the Golden Arm
A Foggy Day
My Funny Valentine

John Lennon's primal screamer Fuck Me? Fuck You! (1970) [cover not shown]

EMI, once more (and this one is my favorite):

"The big break-up brought a number of albums by John in its wake, of which this was the only not released. It consists entirely of John screaming at people."


Fuck You
Fuck Your Mother
Fuck Your Wife
Get Fucked
Fuck You Where You Breathe
Ah, Fuck
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckfuck Fuckfuck

Okay, yeah, none of those are real; they're from the classic Beatles issue of the old National Lampoon. But they were believable, no?


Gummo said...

... no.

Anonymous said...

I remember: Yestertray, all my spices were in disarray. Now I have a place to store them away....

pete said...

I'd still like to hear the "scrambled egg" lyrics to "Yesterday." Scrambled egg/Food for which I would sit up and beg/And try to do the wild thing on your leg..."

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, The Little Red Album was released in the 1980's, using the same artwork as the Lampoon for the cover. It was a 2-LP set of White Album outtakes and such.

The same boot label also issued a slew of parody outtake album titles which had pretty funny cover art: Tragical History Tour, Rabbi Saul, FUCK!, Dr. Pepper, Let It End and Lifting Material from the World, come to mind.

VR - workin' hard for the corners at The Wedge

cthulhu said...

"Tragical History Tour" was in the Rutles' special in 1979; which is still the best of the Beatles parodies IMHO. I think it is cool as fuck that the Underground Garage channel on SiriusXM plays the Rutles on a regular basis (and also Spinal Tap).

senormedia said...

I have the Rutles in regular rotation on WLYA FM in Charleston, SC.

I do need to add some Tap.

شات امل الحياه said...

thanks man