Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Programming Notes From All Over

Well, once again, 'll be guesting on my pal Capt. Al's intertube radio show LOST AT SEA today at fabulous AREA 24 RADIO. And there's nothing any of you bastards can do to stop me!!!

Beginning at 5pm east coast time and continuing for two glorious hours, I'll be playing some genuinely wacky shit -- yes, there's going to be a theme of sorts -- and I am also informed that Capt. Al has discovered the Rosetta Stone of The Kinks' great version of "Milkcow Blues." So there'll be some surprises even for me.

And speaking of surprises, our extra special guest The Long Distance Comedian© will be calling up from who knows where toward the end of the first hour -- hilarity, no doubt, will ensue.

You can listen to it stream at the link HERE.

And we'll be giving out my e-mail addy throughout the show; feel free to make requests, threats, or just say hi -- we get lonely in the studio.


Anna said...

What means this "the Rosetta Stone of The Kinks' great version of 'Milkcow Blues.'"? A different version than the one on Kontroversy? Inquiring minds blah blah woof woof... ;)

buzzbabyjesus said...

I second that emotion.

pete said...

Digging the Canadian content! And I *knew* there would be some Guess Who.