Monday, June 06, 2016

Mr. Computer, He Dead! laptop gave up the ghost over the weekend. Apparently, it was the will of Landru.

So no technically complicated posting today (and possibly tomorrow).

Buying a new machine this afternoon, and hopefully I'll have it up and running and synched with all my stuff before too long.

And my apologies to a certain band from Texas -- plugola for you guys is the first thing on my agenda when we're back in business.


Dwayne Ray said...

That computer was scared. It couldn't handle your or our speed of light. May the next be General Zod! Together we can defeat superman!

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your computer woes. A reminder: about three months ago, you said you'd do a full review of Emitt Rhodes' comeback effort "RAINBOW ENDS" but that review has yet to appear. Just wondering what you thought of the album.

J. Lag

Mark said...

I too would like to hear what you think about RAINBOW ENDS. I've listened to it a couple of times, and I was not a big Rhodes fan the first time around, though the first album did get my attention.

phil henry said...

The TRS-80 finally gave up.

steve simels said...

My new computer arrives tomorrow, so probably no real posting till Thursday.

Thanks for your patience.

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