Tuesday, January 24, 2017

French Cookin' Has Got the Blues (And I Don't Feel So Good Myself)

From their swell new album If You Wanna, please enjoy the blues stylings of French Cookin' (featuring former Floor Model Glen Robert Allen on those pagan skins) and their insinuating "Don't Leave Me Hangin'.

If you're in the NYC/Jersey area and want to check these guys out live, you can find their gig schedule over HERE.

I should add that the aLbum is available for download at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and all the other usual suspects; actual CDs can be purchased from Target.

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Blue Ash Fan said...

Steve, apropos of nothing, I just discovered the latest by Erik Voeks, "So the Wind Won't Blow It Away." If you're not already a Voeks fan, I think you will be. (We're on the same page re: Nick Piunti, so I thought I'd throw you a recommendation.)


Pardon my interruption. As you were.