Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Radio Killed the Radio Star

Two programming notes:

Your humble scribe -- along with the rest of my garage-band mates The Weasels -- will be appearing on friend of PowerPop Capt. Al's show LOST AT SEA over at Area 24 Radio today starting at 12pm EST.

We'll be playing non-stop Weasel music (the horror! the horror!) and reminiscing about our decades together, so get ready for lots of in-jokes and other shameless self-indulgences.

Here's the link to listen.

Even more amazingly, for those of you with SiriusXM Radio, I'll be making my second appearance on their music trivia game show 70s80s90sNOw today at 1pm EST.

I crapped out badly on my first appearance (although I was a pretty funny contestant), but this time, without giving anything away, I crushed the opposition. I did blow an insanely easy bonus question at the end of the show, however, so if you have satellite radio and want to hear me humiliate myself, please check it out. It's on XMs Volume channel, number 106.

The show will be rerun later today and all week, so please listen to LOST AT SEA in real time.

Thank you.


Jai Guru Dave said...

Best episode of "Lost st Sea" ever!!!

D. Hawxwell (of the Weasels)

Unknown said...

If anyone missed the show and wants to hear it either listen to AREA24Radio.Com and wait for it to roll around in the music stream or even better leave a message with Steve here and one of us will send you a Dropbox link.

The show went great!

Captain Al