Monday, January 09, 2017

It's Covers Week (Part I): Special Blue Swede Shoes Edition

From 1996, please enjoy the incomparable Wondermints and their astonishing revamp of ABBA's "Knowing Me Knowing You."

Incidentally -- by covers week we sorta mean covers of power pop classics (loosely defined, obviously, as in this case).

I should add that the album that's from -- Wonderful World of the Wondermints -- also includes a pretty transplendent version of The Monkees' "Porpoise Song," which also behooves behearing.


Shriner said...

One of my favorite albums. And a mystery in their catalog as to why an album of covers was their second album.

One does not wish ill on Brian Wilson, but I hope after he dies/can't tour/can't record anymore, the fellas get back together and record another album!

dSmith said...

I at first read behearing as beheading. Getting a little extreme here, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

Quality. WWoW is one of the best cover LPs ever. Fuck, who else would cover Barbarella? The rest of their stuff is nothing to sneeze at either. So many good things have emanated from these guys. Their work gives me a genuine SMiLE and renders me starry-eyed and laughing tears of joy. Record collectors from L.A. certainly make fine musicians and know a good track when they hear it. Dirtying up Abba in a very clean way proves it. Streaming influences flow successively and swiftly. Their tongue rapes like flickering warm pentecostal fire. Yum.

VR - who can ever get enough