Wednesday, May 08, 2019

When We Paint Our Masterpiece

Finished the new, and forthcoming in a month or so, Floor Models album last night.

Here's the last track we worked on. I think it's gorgeous.

I'll keep you posted on the availability of the thing as it develops, but in the meantime, kudos to my bandmates who did stellar work over the two years this project has been in the making.


Jai Guru Dave said...

Beautiful!! I love the harmonies (always my favorite part of a track). Who is doing them?
Is this a song of the band’s from back in the day that was never recorded then; or something newly written to order?

steve simels said...

It was written in the mid-90s (by Gerry) and demoed, but it sounded a lot different. We've all always liked it, so we thought it was time to do it up right.

The harmonies are by a wonderful woman named Susan Hall, who's married to Ronnie D'Addario, the father of the Lemon Twigs and an honorary Floor Model who we've known since our days in the Village. Super talented guy -- kind of an Emmitt Rhodes one-man--band McCartney. He's got lots of stuff on YouTube which is well worth checking out.

Glad you liked it, obviously.

Blue Ash Fan said...

Really dug it, but for some reason I could hear this being done in a country arrangement, too. And by "country" I mean real country, not the bro/stadium/Nashville Pop pseudo-country that's so inexplicably popular today. After all, a lot of country is pretty damn catchy. Check out Robbie Fulks "Tears Only Run One Way" for a good example of this.

Weird comment, yes.

pete said...

Great news!

FD13NYC said...

Very nice, always great stuff Steverino!