Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Your Wednesday Moment of Words Fail Me

And continuing in our tribute to the shoulda-been-a-household-word Bram Tchaikovsky, from 1979, please enjoy his astounding version of what New Yorkers of a certain age refer to as the theme from the Milford Plaza.

Okay, it's actually "Lullabye of Broadway," from Gold Diggers of 1935, and this rendition is pretty much the most amazing thing I'd never heard until yesterday.

[h/t Brett Milano]


Mark said...

This Lullabye (via Harry Warren) reminds me of Tchaikovsky's great FUNLAND track, SHALL WE DANCE (see, whose lyrics, to me, anyway, are Cole Porter-worthy.

Anonymous said...

Reminded me of this clip from Taxi that I hadn't watched in years. Gotta love Marilu Henner!