Thursday, July 18, 2019

Bride of Covers Week (Part III): Special "These Guys Sing Like Birds" Edition

From 1966, please enjoy The Everly Brothers and their lovely take on The Hollies' "Signs That Will Never Change."

Okay, technically this may not be a cover, given that Don and Phil's version came out first. (The Hollies didn't release theirs till 1967, as the B-side of "Carrie Anne.")

Nevertheless, it's gorgeous and I love it and this is my blog so don't give me a hard time.

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Ken J Xenozar said...

New blog post idea: great song including glockenspiel or vibraphone. Lots of Springsteen. Also check out the intro of "Pink Houses" by John CougarMellenCampenhausenstein. There is a vibraphone there. For some unknown reason.