Monday, September 13, 2021

Mañana Hasn't Got a Clue

From 1993, please enjoy Los Lobos -- aka one of the greatest American bands of the last several decades -- and their beyond fantastic live cover of The Beatles psychedlic classic studio masterpeice "Tomorrow Never Knows."

Ain't that the damndest thing?

Yes. Yes it is.


daudder said...

they are never less than great, and covering TNK is a natural for them. By the way, their new album is wonderful

ChrisE said...

They've been great for so many years. I believe there's an on-line petition to get them into the Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame, an honor they would totally deserve.

Billy B said...

Love Los Lobos. One of the more underrated bands going.

mainuh said...

1984...How Will The Wolf Survive.
Thats the year this band caught my attention.
I have always been a fan of great bands doing a cover - nothing lazy about it. Years later I caught the Warren Haynes Band doing an amazing cover of Traffic's - The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys.
The Floor Models do a pretty good job, nah great job re-imagineing The Byrds.

steve simels said...


That made my week. Thanks.

mainuh said...

Steve you stand with the greats who were not ashamed to offer a "tributes" album -
Todd Rundgren -Faithful.'nought said - rbm

pete said...

I think if you counted up the number of great albums they've made it would outnumber the legendary runs of people like the Rolling Stones or Stevie Wonder. Kiko is a masterpiece but a half-dozen others are just as good.