Friday, September 17, 2021

Weekend Listomania: Special "Tonight the Bottle Did or Did Not Let Me Down" Edition

Well, it's Friday and you know what that means. Yes, my Asian erotic mixologist Fah Lo Suee and I will be...well, actually I'm not going to tell you where we're going. Nyah nyah nyah. Eat your hearts out.

But in the meantime, here's a fun little project for all of us:

Best or Worst Post-Elvis Pop/Rock/Soul Record Referencing Fermented Spirits in the Title or Lyrics!

No arbirtrary rules whatsoever, obviously, although it would be a good idea if your nominees were posted by you in the condition the songs suggest.

And my totally Top of My Head Top Ten would be:

10. Procol Harum -- Drunk Again

From their next to last album with more or less the original line-up. And written about their tragically flawed but brilliant drummer B.J. Wilson.

9. Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart -- I've Been Drinking

Words fail me over how brilliant that is. For Beck's guitar solo alone.

8. The Hounds -- I've Been Drinking

My mid-70s band covering the Beck/Stewart version; I'm doing the Beck solo, and not badly, I think.

7. George Thorogood and the Destroyers -- I Drink Alone

I mostly never cared for Thorogood, but this particular song and video is without question the funniest ode to alcoholic solipsism of all time.

6. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band -- Drunk Again

Pretty droll, and Butterfield -- besides being one of the best blues guys of the 60s -- knew from whereof he spoke. In the mid 70s/early 80s, when I was living in Greenwich Village, I used to see him at the end of the bar every Saturday afternoon at the old Bitter End, and he was shall we say well lubricated on every one of those occasions.

5. Procol Harum -- Whiskey Train

One of their absolute best songs, and once again written about their tragic alcoholic drummer B.J. Wilson.

4. The Rolling Stones -- Loving Cup

A random choice from too many others by those guys to even contemplate.

3. John Lee Hooker -- One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer

Pretty much self-explanatory.

2. The Champs -- Tequila

One of the great early rock 'n' roll instrumentals. I should add that for years I was under the impression that both Seals AND Crofts played on this record, but apparently that is, as they say, misleading. They were members of the Champs well after "Tequila" had been a hit. That said -- this clip is actually totally live, which is pretty remarkable for its day..

And the numero uno, most fabulous song/record about that stuff that gets you high is unquestionably....

1. Dr. Richard Seaman -- Sweet Seder Wine

Alrighty then -- what would YOUR choices be?

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Gummo said...

My Stones pick would be "Demon Wine" - besides being a great song, the opening chords sound like all the instruments almost falling down a flight of stairs - just about the best sonic representation of drunkenness you'll ever hear.

Cleveland Jeff said...

Wine by The Electric Flag, Spill The Wine by Eric Burden and War, Tequila Sunrise by The Eagles, To Drunk (To Remember) by Carlene Carter, Alcohol by The Kinks. This list could so on and on. And if we open this up to other intoxicating substances...

Anonymous said...

Bad Bad Whiskey - Amos Milburn

I Got Loaded - Pepperment Harris

Captain Al

Stu said...

“King of Beers” by Treat Her Right
“I Got Loaded” by Los Lobos
“Baby I’m Drunk” by Rev. Horton Heat
“I’m Drinking Again “ by Ry Cooder
“I Ain’t Drunk” by Albert Collins

Anonymous said...

Beer - The Asylum Street Spankers
Two More Bottles of Wine - Emmylou Harris
Alchohol - The Kinks
Whisky Women - Mott The Hoople
Let The Whiskey take The Reins - Old 97's
Whisky Trail - Los Lobos
Drinkin' Again - Frank Sinatra

mainuh said...

Swingin Medallions-"Double Shot of My Baby's Love"

Mr. Minimac said...

While I am delighted to see 2 Procol Harum songs on the list, I might argue that there should be three with the inclusion of A Rum Tale.

pete said...

Always loved "Drunk Again" and Elvin Bishop's vocal. A National Merit Scholar in high school, Bishop won a full scholarship to the U. of Chicago to study physics. Not unlike Brian May.

Unknown said...

To me, Loving Cup is NOT about alcohol but her "loving cup"

Alzo said...

Mojo Nixon: "Are You Drinkin' with Me, Jesus?"

Alzo said...

Oh, he has so many...

edward said...

Tom Waits _ The Piano Has Been Drinking

Haik Mendelovich said...

Gogol Bordello's "Alcohol". Not the best, but it sure sounds... sincere.

ChrisE said...

Neil Young - Too Far Gone

Gary Stewart - Drinkin' Thing; Whiskey Trip; She's Acting Single (I'm Drinking Doubles)

neal t said...

did not know that about Elvin Bishop, always loved his vocal on that tune too. another fave not mentioned yet Fireball's Bottle of Wine. save their Codine for the list for Cleveland Jeff's idea!

Alzo said...

The Skeletons take on "Waiting for My Gin to Hit Me."

This topic is rather bottomless, isn't it?

John F said...

Difficult for me to believe that we've made it this far without any nominations for records by the Pogues. Maybe it's just too easy? Finding Pogues' lyrics that =don't= reference fermented spirits is somewhat more of a challenge...

Special mention: the entirety of Side 1 of Rum, Sodomy and the Lash (minus the 'Wild Cats of Kilkenny' instrumental). (Maybe the whole album counts, due to the reference in the album title?)
"The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn"
"The Old Main Drag"
"A Pair Of Brown Eyes"
"I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day"
"Sally MacLennane"

as well as
"Bottle of Smoke"
"Fairytale of New York"
"The Broad Majestic Shannon"
"London You're a Lady"
"The Sunnyside of the Street"
"Rain Street"

Allan Weissman said...

I would add The Weasels "Empty Bottles" and "Head in the Bottle Again."

M_Sharp said...

Here are a few from two mixtape CD's I made called....... Drinkin'. Pretty clever, eh?

"The Bottle Let Me Down" - Merle Haggard
"Drinkin' Again" - Carlos Guitarlos
"A Good Night For My Drinkin'" - Supersuckers
"Whiskey Trail" - Los Lobos
"Bad Hangover" - Big Foot Chester
"Parallel Bars" - Robbie Fulks & Kelly Willis
"Pointless Drinking" - Amy LeVere

"The Trouble with Drinkin'" - Aaron Tasjan
"Seaside Bar Song: - Bruce Springsteen
"When I Get Drunk" - Mike Henderson & The Blue Bloods
"Why I Drink" - Go To Blazes
"Haze of Drink" - Slobberbone
"I'm at Home Gettin' Hammered (While She's out Gettin' Nailed)" - Jesse Dayton
"I Think She Likes Me" - Treat Her Right