Thursday, July 07, 2022

Flying Saucers Rock 'n' Roll!!

Fron 2004, live in concert in Mexico, please enjoy Enanitos Verdes and their drop dead gorgeous "Tu Carcel."

The band's name translates loosely as Little Green Men, and they hail from Argentina. They're a very big deal in Latin America, although they're pretty much unknown in the States, which is a shame, as you can hear. (Assuming that the internet is reliable, the song's title translates to "Your Jail.")

I should add that the first time I heard these guys was a couple days ago at my new part-time watering hole, a Forest Hills Mexican joint called Mas Tortilla (try their grilled corn on the cob.) They mostly play tradtional Latin pop over the sound system, although they occasionally blast Rock en espaƱol , a genre I'm finding more interesting than I had expected. (As attentive readers will recall, I first paid attention to it after hearing this fabulous Police-ish rocker).

Have I mentioned I love my neighborhood?


getawaygoober said...

Certainly using "gorgeous" a lot to describe audio sensations.

MJConroy said...

My son, who used to be fluent in Spanish (but has lost some by not using it) is a big Enanitos Verdes fan and turned me onto them years ago. Good stuff.

pete said...

He's able to deliver the emotional context of the lyrics even if the listener doesn't speak Spanish.

Billy B said...

I've mentioned this before, but the guy who sang "Flying Saucers Rock and Roll", Billy Lee Riley was a painter by trade (after the music went south) and worked at the same place I worked back in 1979.

Anonymous said...

great tune! first song appears to be a latin staple. there are at least 50 versions of it by different artists on spotify. rs