Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Babyblogging: Lance Murdoch Edition

Miss Rosie again. Note the abrasions on the upper left forehead: we spent a night in the emergency room getting a CAT scan over that one: a fall from a second-story porch. (shudder)

Luckily, she's made of rubber and spit, so it wasn't a problem. A mere two days later, she was at it again.

Have I mentioned how I love this child? How I know her strength and ingenuity and utter lack of fear will be of great benefit to her in adult life?

Assuming she doesn't kill herself first.


watertiger said...

My god, she's gorgeous . . . and tough as nails!

She shall rule the world!

Anonymous said...

Rosie will rule the world one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Spirited Child. Yes, she will go far. She can't help it because she has two great parents!

masculine_monica_nyc said...

Aww. Go get 'em, Adventure Girl!

pie said...

When my younger was a baby, she was in her walker. As she neared the back steps, I told my older one to close the door as I was at the stove stirring some soup. She didn't hear me and the next thing I knew down Quinn went in the walker. The four steps were concrete and carpeted with that green outdoor carpet. It scared the crap out of her, so that she couldn't quite get her breath and cry, which sent us into orbit. Took a 25-minute ambulance ride to the hospital (she cried the whole way - me, too). She was put on a table, the doctor came in and smiled at her. She stopped crying and smiled back!

We couldn't believe it. She was fine. Apparently the shape of the walker had acted almost like a roll bar. The only mark on her was a brush burn on her forehead from the carpet.

It was such a relief that we both had to sit down before we fell down.

Kids are resilient and seem sometimes to be made of protective materials. She has managed to make it to age 23 with only a broken arm (4th grade school camping trip, fell from the top of the slide).

Her father and I managed not to get too many gray hairs.

Give Rosie a hug and kiss for me.

refinnej said...

Good thing she bounces :) The world is going to be a very exciting place when Rosie is in charge!

Have fun with Grandma!

ntodd said...

Beautiful AND indestructible!

left rev. said...

Lucky lucky Rosie!

When the middle child was two, she fell off our second story landing, right through the bars. Unfortunately, her face had the misfortune of meeting the sprinkler head sticking up from the ground. Tore up her little mouth and shattered her upper plate. She lost her front three teeth and looked like the world's smallest first grader for years! Now we're dealing with the orthodonture issues, as every front grown-up tooth has come in damaged or incredibly warped.

She's still hell on wheels and continues to compell us to the ER at least once a year. Hug that daring young Rosie tight. She's gonna keep you guys busy and give you untold joy!

Hecate said...

I'm putting a special blessing on Rosie. I want her to think kindly of her Aunt Hecate when she rules the Earth. She's going to be smart fearless, funny, and drop-dead gorgeious.

ellroon said...

Oooo! Thank goodness she's alright! I'd have freaked completely.

You could get a lot of bubblewrap and just duct tape her in for the next few years....

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

My favorite pictures of Rosie are the one from Eschacon where she's blissfully dancing - cute little toes! - and the the three you took of her, fully clothed, ready for bed, fresh diapers and all, back in the bathtub, sopping wet as the water poured out over her again.

Each of your kids is fully unique and precious, but sometimes Rosie's doings make me laugh out loud!

I love to see your pictures of the kids and your comments about them. Your love for them shines through. I also enjoy it when Thersites recounts conversations he has the the 6-year old. He captures beautifully how delighted he is by his son's conversation and antics.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of a family that pulls together and enjoys one another.

shrimplate said...

She looks like a future bass-guitar player to me.

Daisy Rock rocks.