Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Riot Grrrls to the Rescue!

It must have been just about as Jane was posting this last night, after my fab gourmet dinner (no, we didn't eat the duck), that we were watching the DVRed episode of The Alternative from this Sunday night. L7's "Pretend We're Dead" came on (I had a button then that borrowed a line from that song: "They're neither moral nor majority"), and I asked Thers where all our L7 was--something of a pointless act, since I organize the CD's, and if I don't know, he certainly doesn't. I spoke to the teen about the Riot Grrl movement a few days ago, and have been meaning to share stuff with her since.

And now I learn this:

I’m pretty damned thrilled to announce that Donita Sparks, formerly of L7 and the author of such anthemic songs as Let’s Pretend We’re Dead, Shitlist and Can I Run, will be joining the FDL crew as our music columnist. She’s going to be doing a whole bunch of innovative stuff — from introducing new music, video podcasting of requested cover songs and all sorts of other assorted mischief — each Friday morning at 11:00 am (debuting this coming Friday).

She’ll also be around to chat with folks which will undoubtedly include me because Donita is my idol and I happen to be her biggest, most unapologetic fan in the world. The fabulous Fini Finito who runs the MySpace Page for the Roots Project will be helping her out with the technical side of things, so we hope to be pushing the bloggy outer limits .

As if FDL wasn't a must-read already!

They've got a new Donita video over there: here's some vintage L7.

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