Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sometimes You Wish You Were Making It Up

....but the wingnuts have now actively embraced the neo-Nazis.

Vis The Poorman:

Following in David Horowitz’s ever-unfortunate footsteps, token black wingnut La Shawn Barber juxtaposes liberals’ cruel attacks on neo-Nazi jailbait pop group “Prussian Blue” with their complete silence on the continued existance of the NAACP. Oh, the hypocrisy! She bloviates:

If defending and advocating for your race is a bad thing, it should be bad across the board. Disband the congressional black and hispanic caucuses. Shutter the NAACP, which has become nothing more than a clique of partying elitists who give out awards to pedophiles. Why are racial minorities allowed to honor their race, while whites are not? Why is there a stigma against being proud of your white skin, but not black or brown skin?

And she doesn’t even mention how the NAACP sells crack to finance vote fraud! Which is, like, totally true!

I blogged about Prussian Blue some time back: they make my skin crawl.

Remember the King of the Hill episode where Bobby King, in his quest to become a stand-up comic, researches his ethnic heritage? "Who here is from the Aryan race? Give yourselves a big hand!" Truly, parody is outpaced by these peopple.

UPDATE: JR, kerosene and a match, points me to Repectful Insolence, where Orac is all over this story. There are several updates, so hit the main page, too.


Fox said...

I missed the original Prussian Blue post(s), and have only just read it now. How fucking ill.

I recently read US News & World Report's "Intelligence Report" - an entire issue devoted to letting readers know about the 33% rise in (domestic) hate groups in the past few years. I wonder if the Prussian Blue girls are aware that many people who self-identify as skinheads often make actual plans (read: conspiracies) to do things like... attack a black congregation in church with machine guns. In 2006. I guess we've come a long way since Dynamite Hill.

I don't usually comment on your blog, but this just makes my guts contort. I'm at a total loss for how to deal with people like this. Which is bad, since it's my generation that'll need to lead the way in putting them in their place, in what seems like the too-near future.

ntodd said...

I'm very proud of my racial heritage, so I'm going to start an Cherokiee-Irish-Welsh-Uke-Jew-German Mutt Club.

God knows there aren't many mutts in America, and we've got to stick together! Take that, you Purebloods!

NYMary said...

Oh, great. NTodd's a Mudblood.

Interrobang said...

Wow, you've got some genuinely sick puppies commenting on the original thread.

I've done enough research on the Holocaust and hate groups that I recognised the "Prussian blue" reference immediately, and thought the original article was disingenuous to the point of outright lying not to mention it.

Those are actual modern Hitler Youth t-shirts the girls are wearing in the picture, and yes, someone resurrected the group and made that the logo. Being proud of your culture doesn't mean wanting to get rid of every other culture, but the racists know they won't get invited back for dinner if they talk about "race war" and that kind of thing in public, so that's the dodge they use. It's such a canard, too. What else is Oktoberfest, a Highland Games, or a St. Patrick's Day parade, other than white people being proud of their respective cultures? Yeesh.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, great. NTodd's a Mudblood."

You can always tell by the nose Mary!

Those people ALWAYS have a big Cherokiee-Irish-Welsh-Uke-Jew-German Mutt noses.

Plus, the black Quaka hat is a dead giveaway, as are the blinged out buckles on his shoes.

SO not our kind, dear.


Anonymous said...

LaShawn has a nude picture of Alan Keyes on her dresser

Anonymous said...

that's Bobby Hill btw

NYMary said...

D'oh! Of course it is.

Dave said...

I've actually seen Prussian Blue fans infiltrate the message boards of more wholesome (well, non-neo-Nazi, anyway) artists. The response: "wait, aren't those the girls who don't like Jews or something?" Sigh, I give up.

daisybasil said...

If you've ever wondered what Prussian Blue would look like as Sims, I present to you for your amusement: PrusSim Blue!

Anonymous said...

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