Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Babyblogging: Outdoor Edition

Today was an outdoorsy day for the residents of Liberal Mountain: the 6YO and the baby and I took a hike up little-trodden parts of the mountain, and then we all went swimming. Enjoy!

The intrepid traveller.

The secret road up to the back fields. It looks like no one's been there for years, literally. Certainly there's been no vehicular traffic in a solid decade.

We found a secret copse where the grass was a bit lower: we had our picnic there.

Put the goddamn camera down and pick me UP!

Exhausted by the sun, SP sacks out in his swimmie.


Hecate said...

What absolutely gorgeous and precious children you have! Blessings on them!

ntodd said...

Hee, the 2yo looks like she's underwater!

Oh, and wasn't finding a secret copse part of the plot of Stand By Me?

refinnej said...

Looks like you guys had a fun afternoon!!

When did you have the secret copse installed? :D

NYMary said...

Hee, the 2yo looks like she's underwater!

It does have kind of a *Nevermind* vibe, no?

Ripley said...

They're adorable. But that 2YO cusses like a sailor, and that can only lead to one thing: Reform School !

NYMary said...

Reform school is sleep-away, isn't it?


Ripley said...

I'd forgotten about this:


watertiger said...

The 2 y.o. says: "I said no cameras, dammit!"

Emerson said...


The outdoors pics remind me of something. In DC a lifetime ago I worked with a guy named Charles. It was always "Charles". He talked like a Butler, he was very proper and his apartment was nicely furnished.

I eventually learned from him that he was raised in a cave by his hippie parents. Charles rebelled by being the exact opposite of them.

Don't have your children rebel by becoming Republicans!

That's all.

NYMary said...

I know you're just teasing, Emerson, but you do know we're not actually hippies, right?. We bathe and shave and all that stuff. We listen to pop and punk, not jam bands. And I, at least, have never done a psychedelic drug.

Statistically, Alex P. Keaton is a pretty rare bird.

refinnej said...

I can't see your kids rebelling by becoming Republicans as much as I can see them rebelling by becoming John Denver fans.. Or listening to jazz...


Emerson said...


My story had nothing to do with you per say - I just like the Charles story I carry with me.

Me, I voted for Clinton twice and Gore once.


NYMary said...

Oh, I didn't take it personally.

But I thought you were a proud neocon, Emerson. No?

Emerson said...


It's not something I want to debate or defend, so let me say this and we'll

Before 9-11 I was center-left and after I became center-right. I'm still not a joiner of any group and I've always been a registered independent.

I believe we're fighting WWIII (or IV if you count the Cold War) and the stakes are liberal democracy, which I defend wholeheartedly even though I'm disgusted with victim culture. I'm as anti-communist as I am anti-nazi, so I hate Pat Buchanan as much as I do every Workers World Party front group.

I don't pretend to call myself moderate because that's as illusory as being truly objective. I will say that I wish there was less extremism all around so I wouldn't have to worry so much about these things.