Friday, July 07, 2006


I make this joke all the time. Nim found the comic.

This is much, much easier to read through the link.

Thanks, Nim!


Anonymous said...

In 1978 I met one of my life-long musical collaborators in senior secondary school, and he one particularly drunken night held forth on vagina dentata with much hilarity (even more amusing for the presumably latin pronunciation - wah-GEE-na den-TAH-ta) and it stuck with me as one of those great moments of comedy between friends.

Later, as my own kids got into the Lion King, it all came flooding back during that song. (Yeh, some basic lyrical differences, but essentially the same mood.) To see that I'm not the only sick sad git that thinks that way is an enourmous relief! ;)

Made my day to see this.

NYMary said...

For those of you playing along at home, this is a vagina dentata. It should be understood in the same spirit as the Sheela na Gig, a Celtic goddess (and PJ Harvey song).

Shrivelled yet?