Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just Like Brian Wilson Did.,....

Can you believe Atrios posted this? It used to be about the biofuels, man!

My respect for Wilson skyrocketed when I heard that he performed The Barenaked Ladies' "Brian Wilson" in concert.

And speaking of barenaked ladies, WTF is this about? Note the unintentionally ironic headline: "Why Women Don't Nurse Longer"--because of repressed, sex-obsessed, puritanical fuckwits who give them shit about it, that's why. My tits don't belong to you, they belong to (in this order): Me, my children, and my spouse. So fuck off.


ellroon said...

I nursed my son for a year and a half, my daughter for two years and enjoyed it very much. But I was never as casual nursing as some,so would nurse in bathrooms, cars, in spare bedrooms, out of the public view and reaction. Disneyland has a nursing room where moms were delightfully at ease and open, knowing there would be no one to take offense.

A friend who has just become a new mom has this little 'apron' like thing which allows her to nurse in public very discreetly. The straps around the mom's neck aren't so tight that she can't make eye contact with her little one. My sister on the other hand would pop her breast out with ease when nursing her two. There was a time at MacDonalds....

dave said...

Brian in concert with the Wondermints has to be seen to be believed... they are, believe it or not, better than the Wrecking Crew, the group of studio musicians he worked with in the mid-60s that provided the backing on all the Beach Boys' major hits.

Another good DVD with Brian and the 'Mints is the "Pet Sounds Live" disc. In it, there's an interview where they ask him what his favorite Rolling Stone song is. His choice shocks the interviewer: "My Obsession"!

NYMary said...

True, ellroon, but when it's already ninety, I'm not putting on a poncho, you know? My kids have been impatient with concealment attempts, they tend to get hold of whatever I'm trying to use to cover myself and rip it away.

The 6yo once did it in front of a priest.

I've jury-rigged a nursing tanktop and shorts to use as a bathing suit this year. Ugly, but practical, and more concealing than pulling my suit half off. (And no one wants to see me in a bikini, trust me.

dave, simels has converted me entirely; I'l keep my eyes open for it.

Did you hear Paris Hilton is covering "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

ellroon said...

And now, for the woman who thinks breast feedind is gross and horrible and is humiliated by the milk mafia: