Thursday, July 26, 2012

Have Guitar, Will Travel (An Occasional Series): The Present Day HoDad Refuses to Die

From 1964, and recorded in a home studio in their garage (which is pretty damned amazing for 1964) please enjoy obscure West Coast surf gods P.J. & The Galaxies and the sublimely catchy "Tally Ho."

This first came out on a really great anthology of obscure surf stuff in 1995; I bring it up now because of that Ventures album I posted yesterday.

The point being that the guys making this music didn't particularly think of what they were doing as surf -- what they thought (with reason) they were doing was (for want of a better phrase) instro-rock.

And it's worth pondering how bands like this might have developed and how rock history might have been changed if the British Invasion hadn't come along and rendered them obsolete.


steve simels said...

A Mea Culpa:

I may have posted this song here a couple of years ago, along with similar musings.

Although a Google search has been unavailing, and the blog search engine is pretty much hopeless.

Anyway, it's a great song, so it's not a big deal. Just full disclosure, etc blah blah.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Prog Rock? Fusion? The jangle on this tune sounds like early REM.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I should have said, "The angle of the jangle".

MJConroy said...

PJ is still playing, watch himn here: