Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Why Didn't I Get the Memo? (An Occasional Series)

Our chum Sal Nunziato posted this -- the obscure B-side of a 1968 single by Manfred Mann singer Paul Jones -- the other day, as part of a larger (and very cool) set list, but in case you missed it, I feel compelled to share because of the supporting cast.

None other than Paul Samwell-Smith and Jeff Beck(!) of The Yardbirds plus (in Sal's phrase) "a little known rock drummer by the name of Paul McCartney(!!)."

I think we can all agree that this doesn't represent the best work by any of the participants -- the song is a throwaway, frankly, and McCartney's drumming is perhaps most accurately described as undistinguished.

That said, what I really want to know is how I remained blissfully unaware of the damn thing's existence until last week?


FD13NYC said...

The drumming by Paulie isn't bad, undistinguished, maybe. Better on Back In the USSR.

JZ said...

This was also produced by Peter Asher, who had just signed on with Apple. Pretty weird...I found this about a year ago on an EMI comp called "Insane Times".

buzzbabyjesus said...

Paul dated Jane Asher, and lived in the family house 1965-6.
Paul's drumming is perfectly good, but you can tell he's not really a drummer.
I play guitar, but sit behind the drums whenever I can. I play like Paul, and we both imitate Ringo.

Sal Nunziato said...

Actually, I like Paul's drumming, especially since he's a bass player. He sounds like he has something in mind, as opposed to just keeping time.