Saturday, January 18, 2014

Your Saturday Ringtone

From Independence Day -- the greatest Civil Rights movie ever made; seriously, Jews and African-Americans save the world -- please enjoy Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith with my favorite exchange of dialog of the '90s.

And no, it's not the fat lady exchange; whoever downloaded the clip mis-labeled it and I don't know how to change it on the player.

In any case, you're welcome.


salhepatica said...

Hey Steve, something about this particular post doesn't agree with the Safari browser, which is my main browser on the Mac and everybody's main browser on iPhone & iPad. When I call up the site, this post and nothing else, not even the title bar, sidebar, signature, comments link and other posts, comes up. Clicking on the title of the post brings up the post again, still without any of the above mentioned things. I managed to get the full site to come up in Firefox, which is how I was able to get this comment written. Don't know how well you handle coding errors, or if you have a Web sensai who can do that for you, but my guess is that, if you do nothing, the problem will go away after you've written a dozen more posts and this one scrolls off into the archives.

steve simels said...

I have Safari on my handheld devices, and I can't access audio links like this one or divshare.

I figure its just my cross to bear...