Thursday, January 09, 2014

Your Thursday Moment of Sibling Rivalry

Holy crap -- I just learned that my all time favorite song by The Turtles -- the Mann/Weill penned "Glitter and Gold," from their 1965 debut album... actually a folk-rock remake/cover of...

...wait for it... Everly Brothers record.

This is so cosmic I can't even deal with it.

But how did I learn about this? Ah, therein lies a tale -- and yet another cover version of the song -- which will have to wait for tomorrow's post.



Anonymous said...

Happy nice Time People has a nice tribute for Phil. "Put my little shoes away" from Songs Our Daddy Taught Us would have been maudlin in less earnest, capable hands. It also reminds me that these guys had that deeply morbid southern acculturation to bust out of, when the bustin' won't easy. My hat's off to them just for growing up against hick stereotype.

Here's another brother act. Hard to top those shared vocal cords:

FD13NYC said...

Wow, haven't heard that one in a long while. Love both versions. Thanks Steve!

Dave said...

Ever heard the Enemy's version?