Wednesday, February 14, 2018

If You Would Be My Beyotch!!!

From 2016, please enjoy "Alpha Dog" -- the b-side of the single from the Greatest Hits album I just compiled for my long-time (I've known these guys since high school) garage band The Weasels.

And I have to say -- bad taste notwithstanding, this one just cracks me up.

I mean seriously. There's not a joke in this lyric that doesn't kill me. And the piano solo (by our fabulous multi-instrumentalist Glenn Leeds) at the end is glorious.

I should add that the incomparable vocal is by bassist Allan Weissman, who co-wrote it along with the aforementioned Mr. Leeds and David Hawxwell. All of whom are going to Hell for having penned it.

I should also add that you can (and should) download or stream the entire album over at Amazon, CD Baby and Spotify. And (hopefully by tomorrow) iTunes.


Mistah blik said...

A shameless attempt to cozy up to the #MeToo crowd! It’s time that these Weasels collectively grew a pair and actually took a stand on something!

Jai Guru Dave said...

Just a clarification please: would that be ONE pair; or a pair each?

Mistah blik said...

I envision a community in which a single pair is shared by all. A co-op, if you will. You may say I’m a dreamer.

SRNotice said...

I’m HOWLING with laughter 😎!