Friday, February 02, 2018

There Were Giants in the Earth in Those Days

So last week, I was discussing Rockpile with a musician friend (who had just bought their Seconds of Pleasure album on vinyl, ironically enough)...

...and a few days later, coincidentally, a long-time reader sent me this clip of Nick, Dave and the other guys on Swedish TV in 1978. Which I had not previously seen.

"So It Goes," of course, is from Pure Pop for Now People (aka Jesus of Cool), Nick's debut solo album from two years earlier. The version above is slightly, as they say, pitchy, but Rockpile was pretty much the best traditional rock band in the world at that point, and it's a snazzy performance anyway. Also, I want Nick's jacket.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

[h/t Matt Mitchell]


Anonymous said...

Re Lowe's wardrobe: I think that jacket came with a body suit that Frank Gorshin wore when he played The Riddler on TV's "Batman".

J. Lag

Anonymous said...

Los Straitjackets have been backing Nick lately and had question mark suits made for all members.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Rockpile was good. Too bad they couldn’t play nice with each other.

Captain Al

Billy B said...

Great album. Rockpile, Dave Edmunds, and Nick Lowe have always been vastly underrated.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Had many seconds of pleasure of seeing them several times. When they were billed as Dave Edmunds and Rockpile, Nick sang most of the leads. Conversely, when billed as Nick Lowe and Rockpile, Dave was the leader.