Monday, February 05, 2018

It's Carole King Week Part I: Special You Know, I Really Should Go See This Show Already Edition

From 2017, please enjoy a very nice mash-up of performances of Carole King's "You've Got a Friend" by the auteur herself and various cast members of Beautiful from around the world.

The Japanese gal just slays me, BTW.

Tomorrow: King as piano player in one of the most amazing all star bands ever.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, this woman is a Rock-N-Roll Hall-Of-Famer, she's had a brilliant career, this CANNOT be one of those "No Comments" posts. Perhaps, Mr. Simels, the readers need a little education about just how many great songs
she wrote or co-wrote (I mean, I know that's the idea behind doing a week's worth of posts, but still...). I mean, shit, she had a FABULOUS body of work before her early-70s material like the "TAPESTRY" album.

J. Lag

steve simels said...

Hang around, my friend.😀

Dave said...

J Lag,

Carole King is also wildly underrated as a singer. I’d especially recommend scrounging among her demos for her early hits — phenomenal!

Dave F

Anonymous said...

Carole and Jerry Goffin wrote 'Free As The Wind' a regional hit performed by The Myddle Class at Summit (NJ) High School on December 11, 1965. The unknown band The Velvet Underground was the warm up band at its very first (disasterous) public performance. . Carole was in attendance.

The short film 'The Velvet Underground Played at My High School' coming VERY soon.

Tony J (witness)