Thursday, February 08, 2018

It's Carole King Week Part IV: Special The Apple Don't Fall Too Far From the Tree Edition

From 1979, please enjoy the irrepressible Louise Goffin -- daughter of you know who -- and a sprightly cover of the Fabs' "All I've Got To Do."

Goffin's debut album is, to put it charitably, hardly the greatest artifact of its era, but at the time it came out, I remember thinking that it was kind of neat that Carole King had a daughter who was a bit of a punkette.

Listening to her take on the Beatles song for the first time in ages, however, has been a bit of a revelation. For starters, I had forgotten just how eerily Louise sounds like her mom. And I suddenly remembered that Lennon and McCartney famously said that when they were starting out, they were striving to be the next Goffin and King.

On the basis of "All I've Got to Do," you'd have to say they succeeded.

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FD13NYC said...

Had this album, wasn't too bad.