Monday, February 19, 2018

This is Your Democracy, America. Cherish it.

Jay Semko -- "Mouse in a Hole" (1995).

There's a mouse in a hole
And he's digging his own grave
There's a child with her mother
Teaching her how to behave
There's her brother in the classroom
And he really doesn't give a damn

There's his buddy his name is Alfonse
Who's been worshipping the Son of Sam
There's the teacher with a ruler
And he's bored with all the people in his life
There's the principal in a daydream
He's in love with his best friends wife
There's the best friend - he's on a bender
And his business is going downhill
There's the waitress who thinks he's wealthy
She's moving in for the kill

Then a policeman looks in the window
And he's jealous becoming quite upset
There's the radio in the police car
Predicting crimes that haven't happened yet
There's his partner who's looking forward
To the rock he's gonna smoke tonight
There's his girlfriend who he lives with
And she knows that something ain't right

Something ain't right

There's a tourist with a camera
Eating French fries and a big shake
There's the mother with her children
Teaching them their newest mistake
Then there's Alfonse works at the counter
For this leading hamburger chain
There's the teacher with the principal
And his best friend running in out of the rain
In comes the waitress with the policeman
He's off duty feelin' pretty good
And there's his partner who tried to get straight
With his girlfriend who did all that she could

Then there's this other guy
With a machine gun
In a parking lot
Dreaming about hell
'Cause he knows that
He's gonna go there
When he uses his last shell
He slams the car door - then he walks up
To the front door of the restaurant with a smile

Then he drops dead
On the pavement
Never dreaming
All the while
That there's a mouse in a hole
And he's digging his own grave

And there's a father - with a son
Teaching him how to behave

Something ain't right

There's a mouse in a hole
And he's digging his own grave...

You know, I could be wrong, but this just might be a metaphor for some of the current events of the last week.

I should add that I was originally gonna post The Guess Who's "Guns Guns Guns" or Kinky Friedman's "The Ballad of Charles Whitman." But then I thought -- nah, too obvious.


Blue Ash Fan said...

I downloaded this song after you posted it the first time and then played the damn thing over and over on a continuous loop. An amazing, harrowing song on all levels.

But, what does the mouse in a hole signify? Am I being thick and missing an obvious metaphor here?

By the way, there's an "official" video of this song, but I find it leaves to little to the imagination. You may want to YouTube it.

steve simels said...

I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I mostly take it to mean (to paraphrase Mike Nelson, of MST3K) that no sentient creature, no matter where we are on the foodchain, can escape the powerful hind claws of Death itself.

Blue Ash Fan said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Sounds very plausible.

I guess my collegiate literary analysis classes didn't pay off.

Bottom line: one of the best songs I've heard in years.

steve simels said...

An amazing performance and production, too.

Blue Ash Fan said...

I love the guitar solo at the end. Kind of reminds me of The Edge, but better. Much better. Much, much better.

SRNotice said...

Wow, that was great! I started skeptical of the mouse concept but he really worked it into a pocket symphony! 👍