Wednesday, February 07, 2018

It's Carole King Week Part III: Special All Men Are Liars Edition

From 1964, please enjoy Carole King's spine-tingling original solo demo of "Oh No Not My Baby."

This is a ragingly beautiful song, obviously, and it's been covered a lot, including a fabulous 70s hit version (In the UK) by Rod Stewart (before he became an asshole) and Faces. The American hit, of course, was by the great Maxine Brown.

In any event, the composer's version -- which I had not heard until yesterday -- brings tears to my eyes.

Have I mentioned that she's a fricking fantastic piano player?


FD13NYC said...

Some of her early demos are really nice.

staccato66 said...

Great demo.

I've always loved the Manfred Mann version, sung by the great Paul Jones.

Anonymous said...