Wednesday, February 28, 2018

That's Avant. Not Ava.

From 2013, please enjoy irrepressible Australian pop tart Courtney Barnett and her hilarious ode to respiratory trouble "Avant Gardener."

Seriously, I think this song is a freaking riot, and I'm really sorry I'm late to the party. By which I mean that friends of mine had told me this gal was cool several years ago but until I heard this song yesterday in a bar I hadn't really bothered to investigate her.

In any event, what I really want to know now is whether the scorekeeper in the video -- who looks like Cate Blanchett doing the 1966 Bob Dylan -- is actually Ms. Barnett herself.


Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Great song, great video. If you’re dipping your toe into the Courtney-waters, try Depreston. Best song ever about house-hunting, bar none. The word “poignant” can be fraught when used to describe a song but not here. Or, at least, so sez I.


John Werner said...

James Brown...What can I say. The hardest working man is also quite the artist. He can absolutely massacre a song (Something) and still get away with it because he's honest in his interpretations and delivery. Here's a tip: being a pale cracker I sometimes missed all the goodness that was JB. That did not lessen the fact I knew he was cool and very emotionally charged, plus talented. He kind of mesmerized me as a pre-teen in the sixties. Anyway. my tip is he is great and he is missed but you can seek out a video of him on BBC Live At St. Lukes. It's way later day JB and he still can command a crowd in a singular way. It sealed the deal for me that he was absolutely a one of a kind all-time great even if I'm a pop-ster and he ain't.

Mark said...

Not only is Avant Gardener an all-time killer song. the things holds up as timeless. And from Barnett's Sometimes I Sit And Think album, check out NOBODY REALLY CARES IF YOU DON'T GO TO THE PARTY. Finally, the more recent Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile album features an almost-as-good song, OVER EVERYTHING.

There's LOTS to like here.