Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Aaargggghhh, Matey!!!

The late great Neil Innes and some guy who was big in the 60s anticipate International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Eric Idle and Billy Bremner are in there somewhere, too.

[h/t Matt Mitchell}


Mark said...

There's a really nice piece on Neil Innes and The Rutles tribute album, Rutles Highway Revisited, at Rock and Roll Globe (at, as well as Innes's contributions to the liner notes of the album (in the voice of Ron Nasty). The album features covers by Galaxie 500 and Bongwater, among others. For me, Dean Wareham (of G500, Luna, and Dean & Britta) can do no wrong.

steve simels said...

The Floor Models used to do "I Must Be in Love" live. I probably have a tape of it somewhere.

Gummo said...

That's a definite "bonus track" for the live album!

FD13NYC said...

Now that I'd like to hear!