Friday, January 03, 2020

Got Live If You Want It

A Floor Models live album is about to become an actual thing.

Here's the cover (designed by my brilliant art director girlfriend, who as usual is working cheap)...

...and a representative track. That's the late great Andrew Pasternack on 12-string, of course.

The album was recorded off the soundboard at a typical club show of ours of the period. JPs itself was a small but comfortable industry dive/drug den in the East 70s off First Avenue. I was apparently the only person on earth who didn't know that Scarface-sized quantities of cocaine were being vended in the back room; in any case, we used to think of our gigs there as playing out of town.

It's now called American Trash. I'm told it still has live music, and from the look of it... hasn't changed much.

In any event, I'll be editing the live tape sometime next month, and then the thing will be released for streaming or download on every digital format -- iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. -- extant. I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

It sounds fucking great!

Captain Al

Gummo said...

VERY cool, looking forward to it.

steve simels said...

Five or six of the songs have previously been released, but we'll remaster them, and there's another half dozen nobody but the band has ever heard that are just as good.

It's kind of amazing that the tape survived, but those Maxell Gold cassettes were fantastic.

Phil Cheese said...

I'm ready! And waiting! Oh, and Maxell tapes were all I ever bought after I scored a Nakamichi 500 in 1977.