Friday, December 24, 2004

Bonus Christmas Babe-Blogging

Improbably, this child is also a NYMary production... Posted by Hello


refinnej said...

That is a great picture.. She's got your eyes too..

Phila said...

You've got to be kidding me...she looks older than you! You sure that's not you, and you didn't put her picture on the SUNY site?

Merry Christmas to you and your large lovely family, from my small and homely one!

NYMary said...

Nope, Phila. She's the most aggressively fourteen-year-old person I've ever met, though folks keep assuring me she's going to wake up one morning and despise me. That hasn't happened yet. In fact, I was watching a tape of older videos while I wrapped presents the other day, and she (*gasp!*) sat down with me to watch XTC's "Dear God." The verdict? "I kinda like your music, Mom."

I found that smelling salts helped restore me to consciousness.

Make sure to check out the necklace carefully, if you can: she inherited the dog collar from me. *Sniff!*

Oh, and she's 5'10". And blonde, usually, though she dyed her hair blue for Halloween and it still retains a certain greenish tinge, the main reason I shot her in dimmer light. But willowy and improbably gorgeous, for sure. Thanks!

NYMary said...

Oh! And let me hasten to assure all that this is not in fact my decorating, but that of my brother-in-law Chuck, who's been my brother's partner for close on 20 years now. Obviously, not a house frequented by kids.

Oh, and the really scary part? This pic was taken the day after Thanksgiving. And the Christmas decorating was done. Man!

Phila said...

I can parents were such relentless bohemian oddballs that it was pretty impossible to shock them with my tastes when I was growing up. The only thing that really flustered my mother was at 14, when I dressed up in make-up and drag with a male friend and we went into the kitchen with our arms around each other. She looked really horrified.

Other than that, though, it was hopeless. The woman would sing along with PIL's "Metal Box," for God's sake! She didn't even mind Throbbing Gristle. Both my parents used to come to my shows and like them. There's a whole universe of intergenerational conflict that I simply missed out on.

On the other hand, the wife and I are looking forward to putting our own kids through the same thing. I was trying to think of what my kids could play that would appall me...unless they get into some kind of new age/fusion sound a la Mahavishnu Orchestra, I figure I'm pretty safe.

NYMary said...

Yeah, Phila, but they find a way. Mine spent about six months obsessed with N'Sync, which totally set my teeth on edge (See archived posting "Where the Boys Are"). But I remained calm and she outgrew it, as she'd outgrown Barbie. Even now, a lot of what she listens to is crap (your Linkin Parks and Three Days Graces), but I trust that her instincts are good.

And you're more or less the same age as me & Thers, so it's not so surprising that you'd do the makeup and androgyny thing. Robert Smith has a lot to answer for.

Phila said...

Nah, this was 1978 and I was mostly into AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Motorhead, stuff like that. I didn't even like Bowie very much. I'm not sure where the androgyny came from (or where it went)! Possibly just the boredom of rural life...