Friday, December 31, 2004

Friday Offspring-blogging: All Together Now!

One, two, three, four,/Can I have a little more?/ Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten/ I love you! Posted by Hello


Tony said...

Mary, that baby looks like I feel today. What a cute little fluffyhead.


Anonymous said...

NYMary ~

Awwwwhhhhh! Beautiful group shot! Cute kids! Happy New Year to you and yours! I'm hoping for a spicy 2005.

From a saucy woman after your own heart ~

Vicki S.

refinnej said...

That's a good picture... Just wanna hug 'em all!!

Anonymous said...

There's never a limit to the number of kids on a couch!

Beautiful family, you guys! Happy (upcoming) New Year & thanks for sharing!

Charlotte Smith

jenny from the blog said...

NYMary -

Happy New Year to you and Ther and your couch cuddling spawn!


Phila said...

Ha! Your youngest looks exactly like my wife!

(Like my wife at less than a year old, I hasten to add.)

Best wishes to you, Thersites and the childern for the new year!

Anonymous said...

NYMary removed all the punk rock dog collars and took the safety pins out of their cheeks for this picture.

ntodd said...


Somedays I wish our "kids" were more like human children, but then I realize if they had opposable thumbs they'd be a lot more trouble... :-)

NYMary said...

Actually, Anon, if you look carefully, the teen almost certainly has a couple of dog collars on. She usually wears one black leather studded one, and one choke-chain connected with a small padlock.

One of my friends asked her, "So, are any of those dog collars your mom's?" as a joke. The kid replied. "This one. Oh, and this one."

I wept tears of joy.

Anonymous said...

NY Mary, you seem to be "pro-family" while plagued by some horrible sick troll who feels compelled to make what it thinks "funny" remarks. Maybe I'm wrong and should take it as easily as you did evidenced by your response. Safety pins?? wtf?

You've a lovely family. And just think they will all grow up to be voters.

We had a late in life baby, so the older ones have been helpers and they in turn enjoyed mother being distracted with the little one (can't stay up any more to see when they come in, sometimes). The littlest is now 7 and broke the two bones of his ankle Dec 10 so having older ones around to help was even nicer. Ben, 21, carried him to his dr. appt where the phys. assistant referred to him as dad (and him with me, a 47 yr old!) (I look that young?? or depraved?)

A very happy new year to the clan Thersites

NYMary said...

Ah, don't worry, cgreen. That's just The Kenosha Kid, well, kidding. About my kids.