Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday Babyblogging

The holidays are coming, and Baby Rosie's ready! Are you? Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Rosie is a beautiful baby! What fun you must be having! I'd love another one, I love kids and seem to have a way with them, but my uterus has been around the sun 44 times, so I just don't think it's going to happen. That, and I'm single. Looking, of course, but single!

Hope your Christmas is the best ever!

Vicki Stein

Biblio said...

Oh, she's a great fat baby! With a great name! One of my favorite story-hour kids, back in my public library days, was a little Chinese girl named Rosie. She was a peach.

I have baby girl envy. We have 4 boys between us and I am so tired of clothes with footballs on them!

jenny from the blog said...

Rosie is precious! She looks like a little plum fairy right out of Nutcracker Suite, all ribboned and sitting in the big, fancy chair... too cute! Hey, hope you have wonderful holidays!

Anonymous said...

Awww.... she's so photogenic! Thanks for sharing us with her!

Charlotte Smith

Anonymous said...

Rose is a darling!


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie! And all dressed for the holdiays, too.

Wile E. Odysseus

(Too lazy to create an account in Blogger at the moment.)

Phila said...

What a doll! And destined to become as kind, witty, and wise as her parents, I have no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Is she a Spinabifada baby? ( poor wee thing)

filkertom said...

... where the F@CK did the spina bifida crack come from?

rorschach said...

What severe emotional problems would one have to have to post such a thing about a baby, Anonymous?

Can you enlighten me?

Absolutely lovely child, NYMary.

Anonymous said...

Rosie Rocks!!!

But still, so different from cats. Very Mysterious.


Anonymous said...

Pretty kid, NYMary, and cute clothes too! Treasure the time, as I know you already know with the other daughter we talked about recently. Long time since mine (both sons) were that little. Both are 6' plus now.

And regarding that crappy crack: Some people are just born as slime mold and then they go downhill from there. That appears to be anon's problem.

Best regards to you and yours for the holidays.


Rmj said...

What severe emotional problems would one have to have to post such a thing about a baby, Anonymous?One not worth the attention the question pays.

Absolutely lovely child, NYMary.Couldn't say it better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous - why don't you take that rapier wit of yours and filet yourself?


Susan B said...

What a little cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

Rosie, you beautiful, beautiful child - Anonymous should be ashamed of itself!!!!

- "InTheBurbs", frequent Atrios reader, seldom a poster, a mom and defender of sweet children. :)

QuinnLaBelle said...

awwwwwwwwwww! :)

Rosie is ADORABLE!!!!!! A huggable, kissable, tickle-able babygirl!!!

Thanks for sharing the photo. :)

Tara said...

Just wait until she's as old as my daughter and promises revenge on you for ever having made her wear a dress. LOL

She's adorable.