Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday Big-Boyblogging

Little Thersites. He's very...... clean. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

NYMary and Thersites ~

Beautiful child, just beautiful! I love how the bubbles blanket him in just the right places!

Nothing like a bubble bath to lull a child to sleep...

What wonderful children! Congratulations!

Vicki Stein

Anonymous said...

Aw, NYMary,

He's got your eyes! Why do the boys always get the superlong eyelashes? Shit ain't right.

Phila said...

A handsome lad!

Anonymous said...


Better get those bathtub pictures now, so you can show them to his girlfriends when he's older! ;)

Charlotte Smith

Anonymous said...

Cheers, NYMary!

Thersitidion, aka Little Thersites, is going to break some hearts some day!

And no trolls insulting the offspring.

Wile E. Odysseus.

NYMary said...

Thanks, guys!

And you're right, Wile E., though I suppose it's only a matter of time before the LGF folks wander over to tirade about those stinkin' liberals and their kiddie porn.