Thursday, March 17, 2005

I don't think I'm biased....

...but I was delighted to find this video online. I blogged about Steve Lawrenson's record, Every Summer, a few weeks ago. As I noted, this is a really good record. If you have warmth in your heart for the Move/ELO sort of pop, or for psychedelia, it's definitely up your alley, and can be ordered here.

But you should also check out the video for Lawrenson's moody, contemplative Town. If the link doesn't take you straight to the page, go to Our Work and then Video Vault (but I think it will work). I particularly like the smeary/prismatic quality of a lot of the shots (and for my non-local readers, enjoy the scenery and architecture of our area, including my personal fave, the Starucca Viaduct). I think you may need Windows Media Player to see it--that's what opened for me, anyway.

I think Lawrenson is just terrific, a really talented guy. He played IPO in Nashville last week, and will play the Dewey Beach Pop Festival in May. The videographer is a young man also of my acquaintance, whose talent in this regard was unknown to me.

Don't end it too early... the video interpretation of psychedelic backtracking is great!

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ntodd said...

That was wicked good.