Monday, April 28, 2008

I Bet You Look Crappy On the Dancefloor

Full disclosure: Heretofore I have studiously avoided encountering MySpace faves Panic at the Disco in any way shape or form, largely because the very word Emo makes me break out in hives. That said, I caught them on the Saturday Night Live rerun over the weekend and found myself fairly impressed, especially by this little ditty.

"It’s influenced by the music our parents listened to: the Beach Boys, the Kinks, the Beatles", says lead singer Ryan Ross.

Really -- you think? I mean, no shit Sherlock.

BTW -- you can't tell from this video, but whoever dressed these guys on SNL really wasn't doing them a favor. Seriously, I like this song a lot but I can't remember the last time I saw a dorkier or less attractive looking young band. Except maybe for these guys.

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TJWood said...

Well, the band that brought these guys to our attention, Fall Out Boy (they're on FOB founder Pete Wentz's label) gets some points in that category as well.

Good tune, though, much less annoying than the one that won them all those VMA awards--might check out the new album to see if anything else lurking.