Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing

And speaking, as we were downstairs, of keyboard genius/all around soulful dude Alan Price, here's the man himself with more recent and very cool live versions of both the songs in Friday's Listomania.

Seriously, underrated (at least in this country) doesn't begin to describe this guy.


Gummo said...

Alan Price penned some of the most cynical songs ever written (they make Randy Newman sound like one of those apple-cheeked big-eyed kids in a velvet painting) for the film "O Lucky Man!"

Saw it in college, didn't understand it all, but fell in love with it anyway. And thought Price's songs were fantastic.

"If you have a friend
On whom you THINK you can rely
You are a lucky man..."

Neither friendship nor luck gets more conditional than that....

Holly A Hughes said...

Yeah, those O Lucky Man! songs are wicked. Probably my favorite movie ever, just for the soundtrack (and Price's performance in the film wasn't too shabby either).

Back in the mid-60s, every group did a cover of I Put A Spell on You, but man, nobody nailed it like Alan Price. And that voice -- sure, Eric Burdon has a great voice, but Price's deserved to be heard more when he was with the Animals. There was always more to this guy than his amazing keyboard skills; he's incredibly versatile anad talented. His lack of recognition, esepcially here in the States, baffles me no end.

Thanks for posting this!