Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Very Vine Music!

Here's a cool promo clip of the Iveys, the precursor band to the much-beloved Badfinger running through the title track to their 1969 LP on the Apple label that only saw release in Japan, West Germany, and Italy. The song is a bit cloying and twee for my tastes, but it sure does remind me of the work of the Raspberries as well.


steve simels said...

Welcome back, KC.

BTW -- I've always had a soft spot for that song. The clip is new to me, though.

Good thing they asked Joey Molland to join...he added some teen appeal.

Kid Charlemagne said...

Thanks Steve for holding down the fort!

Mister Pleasant said...

Thanks for the vid, Kid. There are some better songs on the Ivey's album but you are right on with your comparison of this tune to the early Raspberries. They made amazing progress in the next couple of years.

Cleveland Bob said...


Good to see you back. Nice tune.

This would have been a fine entry in the string section Listomania from a few weeks ago.