Monday, May 19, 2008

Fab Bites Dog

This is weird, but also very nifty. Discovered at YouTube, which is the greatest thing in the history of Western Civilization blah blah blah.

A few years back Apple Corps discovered that film footage of The Beatles that was used for a promo film for "Lady Madonna", was in fact footage of the Beatles recording "Hey Bulldog".

It was shown on ABC's 20/20, but with Elizabeth Vargas talking over the entire piece!!! But thanks to the magic of non-linear editing I was able to place a recording of "Hey Bulldog" over the 20/20 piece.

I can't vouch for any of this, but I don't think I've ever seen this footage in either case. What's inarguable is that this is one of their absolutely top-shelf rockers, and don't they just look incredibly cool?

[h/t Frankie O'Malley of the fabulous Safes]


Anonymous said...

The way I remember the story, they were in the studio to film the promo for Hey Jude, but were so bored, that they recorded Hey Bulldog the same afternoon. Just for something to do.

Funny, when I was bored and just started messing around for something to do, the results were never "Hey Bulldog"....

Anonymous said...

A new Beatles video: I've died and gone to heaven!!!
Thanks to all involved from the Beatles to you Steve!

"Hey Bulldog" was my favorite new song from the "Yellow Submarine" movie. Which by the way is a heck of a cool movie and I believe I saw for the first time at the movies with you Steve in Paramus, NJ. I don't think I was even stoned and loved it.


TMink said...

I do not recall seeing George play a SG before. Cool, thanks for finding this one.


Anonymous said...

Made my night. Great song, great video.