Monday, June 23, 2008

The Best Band in America?

The Hold Steady and a great live version of "Chips Ahoy."

These guys have a new album due out July 14 (actually, I believe it's been leaked to the intertubes already), and if it's half as good as this song from the last one, then all signs point to yes.

"She's hard on the heart but soft to the touch..."

As John McCain might say, that's poetry, my friends. Those Thin Lizzy power chords in the middle are pretty snazzy, too.


Anonymous said...


Real rock & roll! Thanks for exposing my ears to them.


PS The background vocalist has to go.

TMink said...

ROTP, I was getting flashbacks of Meatloaf from the background singer!



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Hi Steve,

On behalf of Rough Trade / Beggars Digital, Vagrant and The Hold Steady, many thanks for plugging "Stay Positive" (street date 14th July and advance, digital release date 9th June) ... .. thanks, also, on behalf of the label and the band for not posting any pirate links to unreleased (studio) material and, if your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview tracks, “Sequestered in Memphis” is available for fans and bloggers to stream / link to / post etc on the band’s MySpace ... .. check-out and for details on “Stay Positive” and the band’s 2008 shows ... .. for a limited period a play-through of “Stay Positive” shall also be available on the band’s MySpace and on NME (, although these are for promotional purposes only and the artist and labels have kindly asked fans and bloggers not to host or link to pirate copies of the full album on-line – for which many thanks in advance.

Thanks again for your plug.



David said...

I used to buy beers from bassist Galen when he bartended at Telephone Bar on 2nd Avenue--great guy, sweet and intelligent and deeply into music--I remember discussing why he could never get into Loveless by My Bloody Valentine--but I've always had trouble after awhile with a lead singer who does not sing. It makes me feel churlish, because I dig a lot of things about them..I had the same problem with the Blue Aeroplanes :)

steve simels said...

Oh jeez, I used to hang at the Telephone Bar back in the late 80s.

Of course, Galen probably would have been in elementary school at the time....