Saturday, June 21, 2008

He's Not Like Everybody Else

A truly great man turns 64 today.

Seriously -- if he had written nothing else but this song, he would deserve to live forever.

Happy Birthday, Ray Davies!!!!

(BTW, he stops by my favorite watering hole from time to time. Perhaps I can buy him an elitist chardonnay this evening....)


Uncle Smokes said...


I was watching the box set of the second season of SNL last week.

There was a lively performance by The Kinks, doing a medley of their hits and looking like they were enjoying the hell out it.

dave™© said...

I was watching the box set of the second season of SNL last week.

Speaking of synchronicity - I'm picking that up from my local library today!

IIRC, I saw the Kinks for the first time "live" around that time. One of their perennial stops on the second-level tour route they were following at the time was Stockton, CA.

Always a packed house!

Anonymous said...

We saw him 2 years ago in NYC. Raymond Douglas was sweaty, drunk and fantastic. He is genious.

Anonymous said...

From 1966 through 1971 the Kinks were the secret gods of rock and roll. No rock & roll act has ever managed a run of great studio albums as the Kinks from "Face To Face" (1966) through "Muswell Hillbillies" (1971). Sheer magic!

Possibly the greatest concert I ever attended was the Kinks at the Fillmore East, Saturday night late show December 1970. (Of course possibly the worst show ever was the Kinks six months later at Avery Fisher Hall when Ray in a drunken fit slammed into Dave's Marshall Amps causing them to crash down so that he sandwiched himself between Dave's amps. And he bravely continued to sing "Lola" through all of this.)

Return of the Plumber

steve simels said...

Bravely continued singing Lola while on his back!!!!

Anonymous said...


We're we at that show together or just in the audience at the same time. I though I attended that show with some collage buddies. This show was one of the saddest spectacles I ever attended.


The Kenosha Kid said...

Wasn't "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" a Dave Davies song?

steve simels said...

Nope -- he sang it, but Ray wrote it.

Anonymous said...

"I'm Not Like Everybody Else"-recently the Tony Soprano theme song.