Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunny Sunday Blogging

Just because.

And a happy Father's Day to all you fathers and stepfathers and grandfathers and uncles and decent men out there. Kisses to the lot of you.

(BTW, Got Thers Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and the Flight of the Conchords CD for the big day. He also got a large number of cards and school sponsored and created gifts from the 137 urchins of Liberal Mountain. Have a happy one!)

Oh, what the hell. Here's a song from their last CD. You know I loves me some FOTC.



Noam Sane said...

If one were to actually walk on sunshine, you'd want to do it at night, so as not to burn your feet.

That said, relentless cheerfulness depresses me.

SteveNS said...

I said at the time of Walk Hard's release that the track "A Life Without You" would have been a number one hit in 1965.

I still want to get the soundtrack, for that number alone.

And John C. Reilly does a more than serviceable job emulating Roy Orbison.