Thursday, June 26, 2008

Great Lost Singles of the 80s!!!

From 1984, it's The dBs and the ineffably fab "Amplifier."

That's The dBs Mark II, of course, after the departure of the insufferable snob Chris Stamey, i.e., when they got really good.

Incidentally, that's from the band's indispensable classic album Like This. If you don't already own it, get over here and order it this minute.


Halfdan said...

dB's! woo-hoo!

CovetedNOPrizeWinnerWithOakLeafCluster said...

A classic!

Dave P said...

Wow gotta disagree big time with the "better after Stamey left" notion.

I like the 1st two albums far more than this one, but to each his/her own.

steve simels said...

I actually like the next one -- "The Sound of Music" -- even better.

Stamey was the guy who famously described what they did as "smart music for stupid people."

Unfortunately, his own songs never lived up to the claim. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Polyrock ?

TMink said...

The dB's rule, in any incarnation as far as I am concerned. While it disappoints me to hear that Stamey is an asshole, I do not think it will poison his work in the dB's or his solo work for me. I listen to both a LOT, especially Travels in the South. Some people's art transcends their personality disorders. Courtney Love springs to mind as I write that.

I got to see the dB's in Chapel Hill, Stamey included. I recall them opening with Tomorrow Never Knows and it was transcendant and electrfying. Perhaps the most wonderful power pop moment of my life thus far.

It is fun to see the guys so young! Thanks for the video and the dB shout out.


steve simels said...

Trey --

I never saw them live, so I'll take your word for Stamey-era dBs.

TMink said...

Not meaning to contradict you pal, cause, you know, you are the man, and I am not!


MBowen said...

Peter Holsapple (now rocking a look he swiped from Pat DiNizio) has joined the New York Times' blog on the craft of songwriting here.

One of the comments recalls taking a smoke break with Holsapple in the alley behind a club in Kentucky during the "Like This" tour. All of a sudden a car appears in the alley, tires squealing, and everybody has to jump against the wall to avoid being flattened. After a couple of seconds, Peter deadpanned, "Was that Chris Stamey?"

Oh, and on some tangential dB's news, drummer Will Rigby's ex, the divine Amy Rigby, has gone and gotten married (believe it or not) Eric Goulden, aka Wreckless Eric!

steve simels said...

the divine Amy Rigby, has gone and gotten married (believe it or not) Eric Goulden, aka Wreckless Eric!

He better watch his ass or she'll write another album about him!!!!